Postpartum and Hair Loss: Safe and Effective Treatments

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Postpartum and Hair Loss: Safe and Effective Treatments


One of the most amazing events in any woman’s life is the birth of your child. The weeks following your baby’s birth should be a time to bond with your new family member and regain your equilibrium. However, sometimes this post-partum period can be stressful. You are likely sleep-deprived, possibly anxious about caring for your tiny baby, and in addition, a major hormonal shift is taking place. One effect of this hormonal change is often hair loss. And while this is perfectly normal, it’s good to know that there are effective products that are safe to use that can help to improve scalp and hair health, and to slow hair loss.


Beautiful Hair


On average, humans lose about one hundred hairs per day. Because we have somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 hairs on our head, we usually don’t even notice. When you’re pregnant, hormones often keep these hairs from shedding, resulting in a thick and luxurious mane. After the baby is born, your hormones gradually return to pre-pregnancy levels. Many women report that three to four months after giving birth, their hair starts shedding at a somewhat alarming rate. The good news is that it’s nothing to be concerned about: some hair loss after pregnancy is inevitable as your hormone levels return to their natural balance which can take somewhere between 6 months to a year. The even better news is that there are products available that can help your hair stay looking lush and lovely – and they’re both effective and safe to use while breastfeeding.


Look for a product line that uses ingredients such as argan fruit stem cells or pea shoot extract. Natural compounds such as these act to reduce scalp inflammation, increase blood flow to the hair follicles, and strengthen hair and the hair strand’s ability to adhere to the follicle. Formulations such as these help to keep hair strong and healthy, as well as to encourage new growth. These type of natural-based products were first developed in France, and have been proven to work for a majority of women.

Select a product line that offers all types of support, from shampoo and conditioner to volumizing hair serums and foams and styling mousse. Some premium product lines are available at major retailers such as Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, or CVS in the US.


Hair and Scalp Health


Of course, the health of your hair and scalp is dependent on many factors, including your overall health. In conjunction with hair rejuvenation products, make sure that you are eating well, exercising, taking other steps to manage stress, and drinking plenty of water. Take vitamins and supplements to augment your health whenever indicated. Iron or vitamin B deficiency are common in new mothers, and both can affect hair health as well as your energy levels. (If you are experiencing hair loss at an alarming level, check with your doctor. If it’s accompanied by other symptoms, it may be a sign of postpartum thyroiditis.)

You can also slow hair loss by treating your hair gently during the months following birth. Shampoo and comb gently, and don’t pull your hair back too tightly. Don’t use curling or straightening irons, and postpone colouring or perming your hair.


Enjoy your time with your little one - and look beautiful in your new family photos!


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